Modernization Project [updated 9/30/19]

  • Projected start: Summer 2020
  • Projected duration: 24 months
  • Planned scope:
    • Check out the design team’s presentation: view 3/7/2019 PDF*
      *Notes: The design phase is still in progress, so design elements are subject to change. Items labeled Alternate 1 are covered under APG’s one-time state grant. Items labeled Alternates 2 and 3 will be included only if the final budget allows.
    • Update all classrooms and library
    • Completely modernize science classrooms
    • Refresh art classroom
    • Enlarge drama classrooms and refresh interior
    • Modernize music classrooms and refresh storage area
    • Renovate auditorium*: fix broken seats; replace sound system, projector, and screen; refinish stage floor; replace stage curtains and rerope stage equipment; fix stage lighting, add lighting at sides; paint walls
    • Renovate gym & locker rooms*: refinish gym floor, replace bleachers, replace basketball backboards; apply glare-reducing film to windows; refresh ceilings and walk-off mats; update locker room paint, flooring, and walls; replace lockers; replace locker room shower areas with office, storage, and 100 additional lockers
    • Modernize kitchen and cafeteria
    • Add new staff lounge
    • Campus-wide updates:
      • Refresh restrooms
      • Replace lighting with LED fixtures*
      • Upgrade campus security systems
      • Upgrade campus data systems
      • Install new window shades
      • Fix interior leaks
      • Paint interior spaces
    • Relocate main office to Ortega ramp area; create new front entry visible from street; increase security by replacing door hardware
    • Structural strengthening; replace roof; paint exterior; add code-compliant insulation; construct new trash enclosure

*Possible thanks to $4MM special allocation (see below).

APG’s original bond funding will cover about $15 million in project costs, including much needed fixes to the classrooms, restrooms, library, and other spaces.

$4 million in additional funding was secured by Assemblyman Phil Ting in 2018, pursuant to the efforts of Principal Schoeman and the PTSA board, as well as the advocacy of Supervisor Katy Tang. Thanks to Assemblyman Ting, APG’s renovations will include the gym, locker rooms, and auditorium, as well as exterior painting and LED lighting throughout the school hallways and in the library, cafeteria, and kitchen.

9/30/19 update: The design team will hold an informational session at APG this fall. Details will be provided in the weekly PTSA e-news.